Precision Pre-Machining in Hayward, CA

Accuracy. We precision cut aluminum to tolerances as close as ± .002" and square within .0005" per inch, saving you substantial finishing time.

Lower cost. Our large plate saw handles up to 8" x 144" x 144" with programmable control and automatic feed that cuts material handling costs up to 50%.

Save 50% In Shop Time And Costs With Our Double-Disc Grinding!

Double-Disc grinding. Our state-of-the-art 42" Double-Disc grinders work two sides of a blank at the same time to cut your pre-machining time and costs in half. We handle parts up to 400 square inches and grind multiple parts simultaneously, saving you even more shop time. We process all kinds of materials, including stainless and carbon steel.

Blanchard grinding. If your part is larger than 400 square inches, our high-powered Blanchard grinders cut big jobs down to size, quickly and economically.

Double Your Savings With Our Duplex Milling!

Duplex Milling. We can save you up to 50% shop time by milling both sides of your blanks at once. Our high-speed, CNC Duplex Mill handles pieces up to 48 inches long, giving you blanks twice as fast, to tolerances as close as ± .0005.

Remember, every nickel you save on milling and other pre-machining goes directly to your company's bottom line as profit. Even while maintaining your prices, reduced pre-machining costs let you earn more on every job. Not only that, instead of spending their time on low margin pre-machining, your skilled machinists are free to focus on more profitable work for you.

Quality Prices That Run Circles And Rings Around The Competition!

Save time. Our single-turning trepanning system gives you counter bores, tapers, radii, steps, grooves and countersinks 50 percent faster. Save money. Faster not only means you get your parts quicker, it also means lower costs with less shop time and labor. We handle any challenge. We produce precision rings and circles with up to a 30" diameter and 2" thick in aluminum, stainless steel and other metals. For larger sizes, we band saw single-piece ring and circle blanks up to 84" diameter from 0.25" to 3" thick plates. We can meet dimensional tolerances and concentricities to ± 0.001" and provide fine surface finishes to 32 Ra.

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